actif support page

Here are a basic guide on how the app works. The guideline will be appended/added from time to time as the app feature growth. We foresee as a developer that there will be much more features will be introduced as to make it more fun and useful app for our users.

User account

User need an account in order to user this app. It can be created by choosing sign up button or alternatively a user need to have a valid facebook account to sign in. Once logged in, a user can set up account to be private or public. Go to More and choose me to setup this feature.


Once app is open, user will be presented with timeline of user entries (posts). The latest posts will be displayed at the top. To load historical posts please scroll to the end of and wait for loading to take place.  To refresh a new post just pull the scrolled view at the very top.


A user can follow the other user timeline post. All of his/her following posts will be shown at the user timeline


As for now a user can search venue based on venue name. Once found, venues with active event(s) will be shown. Later release user will be able to search based on event name, hast tag, user name etc.


A user can bookmark a venue as many as possible. These venues will appear in the bookmarks tab. The venues will be arranged based upon distance between a user and the venues. If a venue doesn’t have an administrator yet, a user can request to be an administrator of the venue. A superuser (developer) will then decide to grant a user as administrator or rejected the request.

Administrator of a venue

Administrator of a venue can do various settings such as to enable digital signage features, queue management, and event creations. Some of these features are already there but more will be included in the new upcoming release. An administrator can allow public user to enter/create event to be published at the venue’s signage. But the  draft will need the admin approval. This will be shown in the notification tab. Administrator also can control/change on how the signage look and feel. The admin can change signage background to the various time (praying times) of the day.


To create an event, a special interface is provided. First, a user need to select background image from the provided gallery or from the phone photo gallery.  The selected image need to be cropped to a specified 9:16 ratio image size.  The size ratio are fixed so as to fit into digital signage software display dimension.  Just touch and pinch the image to resize and select area of interest. After the process is done, a user will be presented to a view for designing purposes.  A user can drag , enlarge, rotate, re-color, or change font.  To edit the text just double touch on the text. Double touches on the text repeatedly will bring about different properties.  Use these properties to manipulated the texts or images.  To create new text just touch on New button.  To change color, please select on the object (text/image), then touch on the color button. Color view will be displayed. Long touch on the chosen color to pick it. The background image can be adjusted by selected filter at the side-way scroll view. Adjust the slider to make more changes on the filtered images.  User also can add transparent layer by choosing the other side-way scroll images. The transparency can be changed by adjusting the slider.

An image object can be imported by touching on image button. There is speaker button for importing a speaker image for the event banner that you are creating.  If a user is satisfied with the design select done to post the event banner.  Select parameters that are shown before submitting.  An event/banner created at the venue will also be shared at a user timeline too. Comments, Likes are allowed for the event sharing.

A user can also share picture, designed banner, word of wisdom to the timeline.

Do share meaning posts, images and also there is a report button for every post. Do report it if  a user find inappropriate content from any user at all.  We will take action based on EULA.


Please use developer (actif) timeline  to ask questions on any issues.

Happy using and sharing.


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